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I was born and raised in Hillsboro, AL with both of my parents. I was very athletic

in high school and considered what you would call one of the popular kids. I have

always been an outgoing person that doesn’t meet a stranger and I’ve been

known to smile a lot. I have never really wanted for anything that I wasn’t able to

have and I believe in some ways that may have crippled me. I took on the

mentality of thinking the world and the people in it owed me something and my

minimal effort would be enough to get me where I wanted to be in life. I fell short

in some areas and things that should have been priority took a backseat. I went

through college doing just enough to get by and I made a lot of bad decisions that

ultimately left me not being secure in who I was and knowing my self-worth. In

time, I began to take on a more intimate relationship with God and through him

along with the help of some very supportive family and friends I began to

understand my purpose, my worth, my strengths as well as my weaknesses. We

are not perfect but we should always be striving for perfection. I graduated with

my bachelors in 2007. I am currently obtaining my masters in Human Resources

management, working a full time and part time job, active in my church home and

taking every opportunity I can to instill something positive into the people around


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