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Our organization and programs provides a hope journey prospective to bring hope into the lives of others through public speaking, mentoring, educational curriculum, and more! 

-Strategy & Organization -Personal Development -Bullying Prevention​ -Anger Management​ -Drug and Alcohol Prevention -Suicide​ -Depression -​Public Speaking​ -Mentoring​-Motivation and Hope -Coaching

JUMP- (Juvenile Uplifting & Mentoring Program)  This program is for ages 10 and up...


Mission Statement

It is the mission of “The Jump” program to create, support and maintain one

on one positive and healthy mentoring relationships between adult mentors

and youth facing academic, social, emotional, and or personal challenges.

The Z-Factor Leadership Program is committed to providing programs and “soft skills” mentoring for middle school and high school youth to stay in school and developing them into future leaders for families, employers, and communities. Ultimately to help them to resolve barriers that may hinder their abilities to transition to high school, graduate from high school, and the pursuit of education beyond high school.

The NSSA is a 6 week program that has been designed to assist currently incarcerated adults, ages 18-24 years old, in their transition from an incarcerated position to a more rehabilitated and progressively enriched state. The NSSA program has been designed to undoubtedly offer incarcerated individuals a more solid foundation to work from, moving forward, as compared to the paradigm that the inmate previously held, when he or she entered the program.

The RMP speaking team presentation includes visual art, music, skits of comedic and dramatic content and powerful inspirational speaking. Accompanied by the use of videos, crowd participation, pamphlets, and other materials Rescue Me Project offers a precise, sincere, but compassionate look inside the struggles plaguing the youth and families of the modern generation.

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