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WHAT'S NEW AT THE JUMP?! This is my first-time updating information in this year of 2021 and....

This is my first-time updating information in this year of 2021 and man is there some catching up to do! ~Shantrice Byrd (JUMP Program Director).

Let me start by saying how amazed I am with the progress of the Rescue Me Project Mega Center. If not for this building, countless hours, dedication, sacrifice and most of all sponsorships and donations; The Jump would not have a place it could call home! We are truly grateful for the opportunity to spread love in the community by creating a safe space for our youth to learn and grow along with being a resource for those in need.

Since the new year JUMP has enrolled 11 new mentees. We have also gained 6 new volunteers/mentors, 2 of which focus on tutoring for our youth! The increase in numbers allows us as an organization to be more efficient as it creates more opportunity for the mentees to get the attention and help, they need.

The JUMP is currently split into two classes: one for our older more seasoned mentees and one for our new mentees. They are learning about practical skills including respect of self, others, showing kindness, generosity and being thankful. The other class is focusing on leadership qualities. What is leadership? How do I attain leadership qualities and why it is important? Different types of leadership (personal, organizational, managerial). We are molding and cultivating the mind of our youth so they can navigate on a successful path while believing in themselves and their abilities.

In addition to group sessions, we are also focusing on one-on- one mentorship where the mentees get to have free time with their mentor to ask questions, express concerns, get advice, bounce ideas off of, gain understanding or just simply to get some quality time with. It is important that each mentee can express themselves freely without judgement but also knowing they will be held accountable.

We would like to thank our food sponsors Chick fil A in Muscle Shoals, Champys, and Rev. Carolyn Cole who have been faithful and more than generous over the last couple years for our program! If there is anyone that would like to assist us in gaining at least 2 more partners or if anyone wants to sponsor a day each month that would help. Thanks for your support!

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