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Derrick Robinson continues to lead The Rescue Me Project's School Leadership Program with outstand..

The Z-Factor Leadership Program is committed to providing programs and “soft skills” mentoring for middle school and high school youth to stay in school and developing them into future leaders for families, employers, and communities. Ultimately to help them to resolve barriers that may hinder their abilities to transition to high school, graduate from high school, and the pursuit of education beyond high school.


The Z-Factor Leadership Program will provide competent volunteers to present an agreed curriculum to the students each week. On occasion, we may provide guest speakers from the community to speak to the group and provide “real life” encouragement and testimony.

We want the students in our program to become inspired and motivated to pursue ideas, interests, and hobbies that they are actually passionate about. Our desire is for them to feel excited about discovering something that truly interests them. They will learn to develop their own leadership styles, as they grow into interesting and motivated people.


Orientation & Expectation Attitude

Developing Goals & Priorities Preparation Building a Positive Reputation Honesty Developing Personal Values Integrity

Handling Peer Pressure Courage

Addressing Bullying at School Compassion/ Courage

The Importance of Role Models (Mentoring) Appreciation

Managing Anger & Aggression Composure Showing Respect to Others & Yourself Respect Expressing Gratitude to Parents & Teachers Gratitude

Serving and developing our youth must be a greater priority than it has been.

Developing good habits require discipline and intentional effort. This is true at any age.

"Good habits formed at youth make all the difference."


Derrick Robinson and his team continues to lead The Rescue Me Project's in School Leadership Program with outstanding results!

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